Screen Mirroring Pro APK 1.29

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    Screen Mirroring Pro APK is a sharing tool developed by 2kit Consulting to help users share content such as presentations, games, videos, photos, websites, and apps with ease. The app has a simple user interface that ensures you can share your items with friends without any hassle.

    The Screen Mirroring Pro APK download works optimally with Android 5.0+ devices and supports various Roku devices, including TVs, Boxes, Sticks, and Roku Express 3700/3710. This diversity is essential in ensuring the availability of equipment for sharing among friends.

    The app is lightweight at only 10 MB and requires no changes to your Wi-Fi or Android settings to use it optimally.

    To cast screen mirroring using the app, connect your Android phone and Roku, select a media type from the list of options that appears, share the content as desired, and control the sharing session by pressing play, pause, and stop on your device. Your Android device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi as your Roku, and you do not need VPNs, VLANS, Proxies, or Subnets to enjoy this app's services.

    Screen Mirroring Pro APK is easy to install and use, with a simple user interface and lightweight design that ensures you share and view content without hassle. You can use it with any TV set, including TCL, Sharp, Hitachi, JVC, RCA, Philips, Samsung TVs, and the latest Roku devices.

    With Screen Mirroring Pro APK, you can share HD-quality videos and photos on your Roku TV and share presentations, games, websites, and documents with ease. The top-notch quality ensures that you enjoy sharing your content with friends without lags or pauses.

    The app offers advanced features such as an advanced version of Roku built-in screen mirroring, more control over media playback speed, quality, and mirroring mode, and a simple user interface. Unfortunately, the current version of the app does not support sound. However, you can connect your smartphone to a Bluetooth speaker to cast videos and music (with sound) to your TV via the app.

    You can download the Screen Mirroring Pro APK for free to mirror all media content shared from your Android smartphones and tablets, including photos, videos, presentations, games, websites, documents, and much more.