Продам Ulysse Nardin BLAST Black Replica Watch Price T-1723-400/BLACK

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    Ulysse Nardin Blast flagship new work All-round luxury encounter

    In February this season, Ulysse Nardin launched a brand new blue-gold color scheme for your BLAST series hollow tourbillon series high quality cheap watches . This new function is also the first time to use fire rose gold, which is combined with the traditional blue that symbolizes the rand name DNA. If the previous dark gold style is to emphasize the texture and a bit awesome, then this blue gold strengthen is full of luxury. Enjoy this glowing blue gold flagship new perform in the BLAST series, view model: 2305-270/02.

    Ulysse Nardin BLAST collection hollow tourbillon series timepieces are generally made of a combination of 2 materials on the case materials, and this new work is not any exception. The blue precious metal color is made of titanium center case treated with blue PVD, combined with a rose gold top case.

    The actual titanium middle case, using its own lightness, is coupled with precious metals, so that even though the forty five mm diameter is a large, the material is light as well as heavy, but it is more natural. This tourbillon luxury cheap Watches is worn on the hands. experience. The side of the desk also retains the iconic nameplate design.

    When it comes to details of the shell design, we can see that Ulysse Nardin has used a large number of delicate blown decorations on the front, and also the sides and corners from the watch are complemented through exquisite polishing, which additional enhances the luxurious sense in the watch. This combined adornment also extends to the iconic haul shape of the Blast sequence, which is derived from the F-117A " Nighthawk" fighter aircraft, with angular and multi-fold design.

    The particular hollowed-out disc surface on the Blast series tourbillon concentrates on perspective aesthetics and has a solid transparent design. We can see which Ulysse Nardin has integrated X and rectangular structures as the main elements within the Blast hollowed-out style, and can use this to The wheel teach of the movement on the hard drive is divided into four places in a regular manner, so the wheel train of the discount replica watches can be seen at a glance, displaying the exquisite movement framework design.

    Typically the tourbillon at 6 o'clock is the absolute visual concentrate of the this watch. Ulysse Nardin uses a flying tourbillon, that is not fixed on both sides with the traditional tourbillon. It is only set on the bottom and the front is totally unobstructed, which enhances the tourbillon The visual effect of the flywheel operation is more ornamental. Simultaneously, we can also clearly view the inside of the tourbillon, the iconic si material technology of Athens, from the escapement wheel towards the pallet fork, and the hairspring, are all silicon. This material also offers its own iridescent tone, that will change with the light. colour.

    The design of the actual UN-172 self-winding movement, whatever the front and back, is really a blue X-bridge spanning the whole movement. In terms of hardware settings, this large complex functionality movement is not only equipped with the platinum pearl rotor, but additionally provides a 72-hour dynamic storage space with a full chain, achieving the level of a weekend enjoy. The application of silicon material technologies makes the performance of the replica watches on sale in terms of antimagnetic overall performance and travel time precision very stable and reliable.

    The watch comes with a azure rubber strap. It is really worth noting that Ulysse Nardin uses velvet padding on the exterior of the rubber strap. This particular design was previously used on the particular rainbow ring gem Great time watch. This time It proceeds on the new blue and also gold work, which is also good luxury style of the main see.

    This Ulysse Nardin BLAST skeleton tourbillon blue gold model, due to the use of blue gold shade, makes the watch more high-class than the same series of wrist watches, enriching the variety of choices within this series of works, for some With regard to advanced players and friends, it is very attractive. At the same time, typically the replica watches swiss is in any cutting-edge style. This brilliant hollowed out design has its own versatile characteristics, making it easy for daily discretion sports and formal events. This actually makes the Send series watches younger along with younger. It is quite advantageous inside the watch market, and it is ideal for many watch lovers, the initial step towards a new world of big complex functions.